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As citizens of Lake Superior, we believe...

that water is life and the quality of water determines the quality of life.

We seek a Lake Superior watershed ...

that is a clean, safe environment where diverse life forms exist in harmony; where the environment can support and sustain economic development and where the citizens are committed to regional cooperation and personal philosophy of stewardship;

that is free of toxic substances that threaten fish, wildlife and human health; where people can drink the water or eat the fish anywhere in the lake without restrictions;

where wild shorelines and islands are maintained and where development is well planned, visually pleasing, biologically sound, and conducted in an environmentally benign manner;

which recognizes that environmental integrity provides the foundation for a healthy economy and that the ingenuity which results from clean, innovative and preventive management and technology can provide for economic transformation of the region;

where citizens accept the personal responsibility and challenge of pollution prevention in their own lives and lifestyles and are committed to moving from a consumer society to a conserver society; and

where there is greater cooperation, leadership and responsibility among citizens of the basin for defining longĀ­term policies and procedures which will protect the quality and supply of water in Lake Superior for future generations.

We believe that by effectively addressing the issues of multiple resource management in Lake Superior, the world's largest lake can serve as a worldwide model for resource management.


Endorsed by the Lake Superior Binational Forum on January 31, 1992
as an expression of the hearts and minds of all of us.

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